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Interact Consulting
Ihr Input-Management für optimale Geschäftsprozesse Optimized Efficiency
Interact Consulting
Ihr Input-Management für optimale Geschäftsprozesse Effizient
Interact Consulting
Ihr Input-Management für optimale Geschäftsprozesse Vorausschauend
Interact Consulting
Ihr Input-Management für optimale Geschäftsprozesse Partnerschaftlich
Interact Consulting
Ihr Input-Management für optimale Geschäftsprozesse Zuverlässig



Efficient. Optimizing your information flow, intelligently capturing, transforming, classifying and transferring your data and documents. Foresighted. Benefiting from strategic market knowledge and solid relations with suppliers and partners, for you. Hand in hand. Assuring your and our business success by using our skills and knowhow. Reliable. Together with you, finding the answers to the questions, which technology, process and organizational form is the right one for you. This is the Interact Consulting corporate mission. Interact Consulting, founded in Switzerland in 1991 and still owner-operated, develops and implements integrated solutions that process hundreds of millions of documents each year. Today, Interact Consulting is market leader in the field of intelligent processing systems for analog, digital and cloudbased in-boxes and your specialist in terms of target-oriented input management services.

Company, shareholders and management

Interact Consulting AG was founded in 1991 as an independent consulting company also specializing in professional services. We develop solutions and provide services in the automatic processing of unstructured information. This includes both scanning and capture solutions, document management and archiving systems as well as portals for the processing of unstructured information carriers such as e-mail and other electronic channels. As system integrators, we work together with many leading enterprises, aiming to fulfill our customer’s requirements ideally.

The local branches of Interact Consulting are fully integrated in the holding company Interventure Holding AG (Switzerland). The following operating companies form Interventure Holding AG:

Interact Consulting AG (Switzerland)

Interact Consulting GmbH (Germany)

DD Interact Consulting GmbH (Austria)

Uptime Services AG (Switzerland)

The general management of Interact Consulting consists of Dr. Richard Cop and Reinhard Ammann.

Market position

Interact solutions are the basis of hundreds of millions of processed documents. Every year. That is how we have become cross-sector market leader. Focussed, ample and experienced. We have shaped the paradigm shift from simple scan-to-file applications to intelligent inbox-processing solutions. Today we proudly stand there as acknowledged experts. By exclusively focussing on this strategic scope of business, we have been able to build-up a unique competence center and unrivaled know-how.

By using market leading components, a high process security and even higher protection of investments can be achieved for our customers. Standard products are complemented by our self-developed software, CaptureSuite, that allows us to develop solutions that target and optimize the requirements of individual industries or business processes with a high degree of precision. This combination of solutions, products and services makes us unique.

Strategic business principals

The focus of business strategy and corporate activities is based on our long-term business characteristics:

Efficient: We are in a position to create superior results using moderate means. We accomplish our aims efficiently and provide higher customer value than others.

Foresighted: We possess extended market knowledge and broad experience. We offer leading solutions and have solid supplier and partner relations. As market leader we are highly qualified and possess excellent references.

Hand in hand: We win our customer’s trust by using our first-class knowledge and long-time experience. We are a strong and even-handed business partner and guarantee that our partners also benefit adequately from our attainments.

Reliable: We specialize in activities belonging to our strategic business area. We focus all our strengths on our customers, solutions, offers and performance.

Process and quality management

Interact Consulting implemented a process-oriented organization as a result of its Total Quality Management project. All internal processes were documented and implemented accordingly. According to the introduced model, activities are controlled by processes. The classic structural organization has been replaced by process-oriented service provision under the leadership of process managers.


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Dr. Richard Cop

Interact Consulting AG, Zurich
Interact Consulting GmbH, Steißlingen
DD Interact Consulting GmbH, Vienna


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